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Pyramid Yantra for Harmonic Prosperity.

Pyramidal structural has been known as powerful design, since ancient times that connects the Universal Energy easily and has healing powers; the sloping slides nullifies the negative energies and enahces the positivity.

Pyramid Yantra is a new revolutionary result oriented technique which will certainly help to enhance us to achieve our goals easily and scientifically.


Pyramid Vastu 

It is a powerful science of creating harmony and balance with core level corrections. Here we utilize our hidden powers for a best tomorrow!

There are various pyramids like Mini Max, 3G, 4G, Pro Max, Fortune Multier, Agro Pyramid,  Energy 9×9, Multier Plus etc which are used as per requirement and the area of the plot; few more like

Education Pyramids-study cap,study pad

Protection Pyramids 

Harmony Pyramids

Wish Pyramids

Swatik Pyramids

Meditation Pyramids

Pyramid Fortune Cards

Meditation Pyramids

Health Pyramids

Sleep Pyramids

Fortune Clock 

Fortune Seat